SGcam 8.7 Latest Google Camera 8.7 Mod - Pixel 7 Pro Camera App. SGCAM 8.7 could refer to a specific version of an APK file for an Android mobile application. However, I do not have any information on the specific app you are referring to and it is possible that the app may not be well known. Could you provide more information or specify what you are looking to do with this app
SGcam 8.7 Latest Google Camera 8.7 Mod - Pixel 7 Pro Camera App 

Here are the general steps to install and SGCAM 8.7  APK file on an Android device:

• Enable installation from unknown sources: Go to "Settings" > "Security" and turn on "Unknown Sources".

• Download the APK file: You can download the APK file from a trusted website or from the internet.

• Locate the APK file: After downloading, locate the APK file using a file manager app or using the "Downloads" app.

• Install the APK file: Tap on the APK file to start the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Note: Some devices may have different steps or variations, and it is important to only install APK files from trusted sources to avoid security risks.

Google Camera 8.7

Never miss a moment with Google Camera, and take fantastic pictures and videos using features such as Portrait, Night Sight, and the video stabilization modes.

• HDR+ with Exposure and White Balance Controls - Take pictures using HDR+ to capture fantastic photos, especially in low-light or backlit scenes.
• Top Shot - Pick the best moment with Top Shot. It automatically recommends the best pics, where no one is blinking and everything looks just right.
• Night Sight - You’ll never want to use your flash again. Night Sight brings out all the details and colors that get lost in the dark. You can even take photos of the Milky Way!
• Super Res Zoom - Super Res Zoom makes your pictures sharper when you zoom in.
• Motion Mode - Capture life in motion. Take professional quality Long Exposure and Action Pan photos.
• Long Shot - Take casual, quick videos by simply long-pressing the shutter key in the default camera mode.

Requirements - The latest version of Google Camera only works on Pixel phones running Android 12 and above. The latest version of Google Camera for Wear OS only works on Wear OS 2.0 devices connected to Pixel phones. Some features are not available on all devices.

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