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 There is little doubt that obtaining and encouraging consumers to post keyword-rich evaluations can improve local SEO and your overall business. Customers frequently post reviews, whether or not you want them to.

If complaints are addressed quickly and pleasantly, even unfavorable evaluations can have a positive impact. The worst thing a company can do is not reply to a review in order to demonstrate to the customer that you are paying attention.

Reviews have an impact on conversion, but they also affect local rankings, which can help or hurt your rankings based on a variety of factors. Let's find out more about how your map pack and local organic search rankings are impacted by local reviews. 

The Benefits Of Customer Reviews

The Advantages of Client Reviews Customer feedback is a potent sign of how well-regarded a local business is in its neighborhood. After all, a company's consumers are the best people to advise Google on its value. The events of the last two years have driven an increasing number of shoppers online. They will undoubtedly keep looking to their peers for advice on which companies to patronize or collaborate with in the future.

In fact, according to BrightLocal research on local consumer reviews published in December 2020, 87% of consumers read online reviews for local companies in 2020, up from 81% in 2019.

Unsurprisingly, a new local consumer study by BIA/Kelsey and ConStat finds that 97% of customers now use online resources to explore goods and services in their neighborhood.

Additionally, according to the survey, "90% use search engines, 48% use the Internet Yellow Pages, 24% use vertical sites, and 42% use comparison shopping websites."

Businesses with more positive ratings are being rewarded by Google and other search engines by being included in the highly sought-after Map Pack at the top of organic local search results.

Over 30% of the time, it appears in search results.

The three Google Business Profiles with the highest star ratings, the most positive customer feedback, and the most comprehensive business information are featured in the Map Pack (or Local Pack).

The local pack for 5,624 businesses was recently studied by SEMrush. The results showed that the average star rating was 4.1 and, more crucially, that the company in the top spot often had more positive ratings than those in positions 2 and 3.

In other words, a company's ability to rank, be seen, and get targeted local traffic will benefit from receiving more good reviews on a regular basis.

The value of review-specific keywords is further delineated in Whitespark's 2021 study on local ranking determinants, which is based on a survey of 42 SEO specialists.

High star ratings (four to five).
Reviews on Google with keywords
the number of Google reviews

The relevance of reviews to Google Business Profile conversions, which indicate customers taking action (such as clicking, calling, etc.), is another point made by SEO specialists surveyed by Whitespark.

The following review features were determined to be the two most crucial ones in this case's conversion of reviews into British pounds:

Excellent star ratings.
The review text has an upbeat tone.
the number of Google reviews
Newness of the reviews.
Owner responses to reviews are present.
Number of favorable review attributes

As people leave comments about the company (brand), goods, or services they've used, keyword-rich material related to the local business is created as a result of customer reviews.

The owner or managers of the business are not required to develop this information.

However, the company has a responsibility to address reviews, which we'll cover shortly.

Based on all of this, you should take advantage of the advantages of client reviews if you run or own a local business.

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